Iga no kuni no heros Igager


Price: 500円(+Shipping (240円))

Type: CD

Number of discs: 1

Time : 6mns08 (2 tracks)

Composers: A.G.G Pirates Network (

Lyrics: Akidasu

1st Single of Igager on CD. (sticker and poster offered (limited edition))


Price: 500円(+Shipping (240円))

Type: CD

Number of discs: 1

Time : 8mns

Composers: David Kaminsky & Julien Despied

Instrumental Theme of Igager (remixe R2)

The instrumental theme of Igager’s shows in a remixed version by his composers


Price: 500円(+Shipping (220円))

Size: A3 (297×420mm)

weight:110kg (100g/m)


The first official calendar of Igager.

Very cool photo of Iga’s hero.

A wonderful calendar on your wall!

Hurry up to buy it! (Limited numbers)

: 200円(+Shipping (240円))
Pack:500円 (3 photos) (+envoi (240円))
Size: Hagaki
weight: photo
写真の番号 :
Single photo
Pack photos

Prix: 200円(+Shipping (100円))
Pack:700円(4badges) (+envoi (100円))
Taille: 32 mm

Four badges with photographs of Iga’s heroes and official logos, very nice, complete your Igager collection with cool!
Number :
Badge to the unit
pack 4 badges

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