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In order to create a range of costumes and characters for the project, we set up a donation campaign to offer the best shows for the promotion of the country of Iga. The first stage of this donation campaign should allow us to be able to change the costume of the aging hero.

With two to three events per month, Igager’s costume begins to feel the weight of years and requires a complete overhaul.

And it is thanks to you I hope that the project Igager will be able to continue and especially to become a more important project with costumes and new characters worthy of the name.

Today, we want to take a new step that will enable us, if necessary, not only to offer high-quality stage performances, but also to be able to prepare the Shinobi no Yuusha Igager TV / DVD series.

I think that with your support and our will, we will be able to move towards the realization of an exciting dream and project.

It all depends on you in a kind of international teamwork.

And rest assured that beyond all, I beg you to believe that I would be grateful to you more than I could say. Thanking you in advance for your participation in our donation campaign.

Yoroshiku Iga!

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